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Nature's Scents

Natural, plant-based formulations free from synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals.


Our Approach

Taking a perfumer’s approach to soap formulation, we use only natural, plant-based essential oils and ingredients that minimise our impact on the environment. We look to herb-lore and ancient ingredient combinations to help us reconnect with traditional ways of being, knowing that scent can transport us, unlock forgotten memories, and bring about lasting transformations in our bodies and minds.



Our Seymour Scent

Designed to evoke the lush landscapes of Somerset, our signature Seymour fragrance is constructed with potent botanicals, laden with ripe fruits, and grounded in warming woody tones from Geranium to Grapefruit, Galbanum to Cypress — it’s as layered as nature herself. Fresh and uplifting, with depth and complexity to inspire pause and reflection.

Each product we offer has its own carefully selected natural butter or fruit oil, ranging from Shea and Cocoa to Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip, Sweet Almond, and Jojoba to nourish and support the health of your skin.



Top Notes

Grapefruit, North America: Uplifting and Mood Enhancing

Lemongrass, India: Anti-Inflammatory and Invigorating


Heart Notes

Geranium, Egypt: Balancing and Relaxing

Clary Sage, France: Restorative and Soothing

Lavender, Bulgaria: Calming and Protecting


Base Notes

Galbanum, Iran: Healing and Detoxifying

Hiba Wood, Japan: Cleansing and Supportive

Cypress, Spain: Grounding and Purifying

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Who We Are


Who We Are