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We know that ‘community’ is a much overused word these days, but a true connection between people is core to who we are at Commune. We care deeply about our own community and are committed to servicing the many local communities in which we operate, but to avoid the modern commercial connotations as a form of marketing, we instead prefer to talk about ‘togetherness’.

For us, togetherness means being part of something that is bigger than the individual: it’s about a sense of belonging, connection and collaboration. It’s like minded people coming together to achieve great things – things that would never be possible if we only acted alone. Togetherness means conscious living, a generosity of spirit, openness of heart, warmth of hearth and appreciation for the natural bounty of the world around us. There is no hierarchy to our Commune: it’s a home for people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. It’s a place where we can create new ways of seeing and being.


A Sense Of Belonging

We believe that the world is experiencing a crisis in connection. It’s ironic that in a time when we are more ‘connected’ by digital devices that we’ve ever been, there is also a loneliness epidemic sweeping world cities. Commune is here to forge a togetherness that you cannot get through a screen or app alone, and we aim to spark off a series of events, initiatives and happenings that help people to bring like minded people together and create a more deeply rooted sense of


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