Double Black Marble Tray

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Commune products are intentionally designed with aesthetics as well as functionality in mind. Elevate your display with our carefully crafted Black ‘Marquina Nero’ marble tray. Each tray is engraved with our guiding principle, “Nature is our Reprieve”, and is beautifully unique, with natural variations of the delicate white veins in the black marble. It is the perfect elegant and enduring accessory to enrich your home.



Weight 0.75kg (1.65lb)

Length 217mm (8.5in), Width 100mm (3.9in), Height 20mm (0.8in)

Recessed areas are 80mm diameter to fit two Commune bottles

Recessed area is 80mm (3.1in) diameter to fit one Commune bottle

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Double Marble Tray

Our Double Tray is ideal for our Duo sets ensuring your Commune products stand as a shrine in your bathroom.

Unique Variations

The variations in our marble trays are a result of the natural formation process. Black ‘Marquina Nero’ marble is slowly formed over hundreds of thousands of years where the stone is continually recrystallising, creating one-of-a-kind configurations.

80mm Diameter System

The 80mm diameter means your marble tray can hold any of our products and has functionality in every room of your house, complementing each space it enters.

intentional design

Our Design Principles

At Commune, we’re obsessive about design, especially where it can help us build a more sustainable brand. Our Marble trays are ethically sourced, and our essentialist design allows our marble trays to function in every part of your home.

Welcome to Togetherness

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